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Purchase a diamond, like a pro would do it for his own business!


Find the perfect diamond you are looking for your with he best quality, at the best price… in a very short time. Use the diamond sourcing service to access the biggest offer of the market at wholesale prices .By eliminating the too many middlemen between the producer and the consumer, the store’s fixed charges, the inventory’s volumetrics charges and nearly all the expenses in the diamond retailing process, we pass along big saving to our customers providing the highest quality diamonds at the best price guaranteed.

We act as your representative to help you locate and purchase a diamond of high quality and value.  Our responsability is to find the best  diamond available in the marketplace in the shortest time by directly sourcing to diamond cutters , wholesalers and even private sales. We negotiate with the right people and offer competitive prices.

The cost killer way to find your GIA certified diamond at the right price



WE FIND THE BEST STONE AT THE BEST PRICE BY SOURCING WHOLESALERS, CUTTERS WITHOUT ANY MIDDELMEN BEETWEEN YOU AND THE WHOLESALE PRICE:  We act as a cost killer, we enabled increasing price competitiveness of the diamond offer, as we eliminated the additional margin of the intermediaries. By working with our the diamondregistry sourcing service, you are in effect buying a diamond from a cutter, dealer, manufacturer or wholesaler.  The total cost  is significantly less than the typical  50 to 200% retail mark-ups. The sourcing cost of the stone without many intermediaries gives you an end consumer lower cost.


Leave your worries behind, you have the peace of mind to get a certified quality loose diamond at the best price. No doubts regarding the origin of the stone, the hidden fees or fake rebates, the safety of your transaction or the good delivery of your diamond. We are expert in the grading and evaluation of diamonds and we assure that the stone you are buying has been accurately graded and is fairly priced.  A single contact point for your research and questions: we keep you updated by phone and email and you can reach the same expert whenever you need. It’s safe & reliable



We are doing all the work for you, we know exactly what to looking for and where to find it at the best price. You don’t waste your time filling online quote forms from many unknown websites/ecommerce or visit any costly retailer in your city.  This saves you the time and frustration of “shopping around”, trying to compare diamonds from different stores, pricelist, internet websites without knowing what you are really going to buy, how safe will be the transaction and if it’s the best price-quality relationship you can find.

Why it is better for you?

  • Save money over any jewelry store
  • Access to the biggest inventory of the world (wholesaler, manufacturer, cutter, dealer)
  • Save time over internet research without any garantees of success
  • Price Free from retailers’ 50%-200% markup
  • Larger higher quality for the guaranteed best prices
  • No-pressure sales, very confidential information, safe transactions
  • No useless appointment until we have the best offer
  • Know what you pay for
  • Diamonds from selected provider known for their high level of professionalism
  • A single contact point for all the research
  • GIA certified diamonds (laser inscription, diamond grading- color-analyse report)


How it works

Send an Inquiry

Tell us what kind of diamond you are looking for, Color, Carat, Shape, Clarity, Cut and any specific request

Information Check

Our team will verify your information, quickly check the market offers and prices, to give you an average price


Call Back

Your diamond expert will personally call you in the coming 48h to confirm your request and give you more detailed information about the sourcing process. The expert is your dedicated contact from the beginning to the end.




We will look around the globe to the sources you can not access by yourself, wholesalers, cutters,  to find your diamond at the best market price.



Your broker call you back with the best offers, send you all the details and certificate



Once the secure payement is done, you receive a confirmation and we safetly deliver your diamond.
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